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All-New Dacia Spring EV

All-new Dacia Spring priced from just £14,995

  • It’s official! The All-New Dacia Spring is the most affordable new electric car in the UK, priced from just £14,995 on-the-road
  • It’s thousands of pounds less than its nearest rival and one of the UK’s top 10 most affordable cars, regardless of powertrain
  • The UK line up is available with the Expression and Extreme trim levels
  • Standard specification includes 7-inch digital instrument cluster, cruise control, manual air conditioning, rear parking sensors, Media Control system with USB port, electric front windows and remote central locking
  • Spring offers a usable range of 137 miles (WLTP mixed cycle) or 186 miles* (WLTP urban cycle), with the compact 26.8 kWh battery able to be charged from 20% to 100% in four hours using a 7kW wall box
  • Available to pre-order now by placing a £99 deposit, via
  • Those that pre-order can choose from a complimentary £250 charge pass or the same amount towards accessories or a home charger

It’s official! The All-New Dacia Spring will have a launching price from just £14,995 on-the-road, making it the UK’s most affordable new electric car by a margin of thousands of pounds.

Available to pre-order now by placing a £99 deposit via Dacia’s website, the All-New Dacia Spring continues its Europe-wide legacy of quashing the traditionally high purchase price that many UK drivers say stops them from making the switch to an EV.

Rewriting the EV rulebook, the price also places Dacia’s all-electric supermini comfortably inside the UK’s top 10 most affordable new cars, regardless of how they are powered.

The five-door supermini debuts in the UK with a choice of mid-range Expression or top-of-the-range Extreme trim levels and offers a range of up to 137 miles (WLTP mixed cycle) or 186 miles* (WLTP urban cycle).

With demand for the All-New Spring expected to be high, those who pre-order guarantee to be amongst the first to get behind the wheel. As well as locking-in the £14,995 on-the-road launching price, pre-order customers get an extra helping of value with a complimentary £250 towards accessories, public charging, or a contribution for a home charger through Mobilize Power Solutions. This choice recognises that everyone has different requirements. For added simplicity, customers choose from the trio of extras at the point of pre-ordering.

Spring comes with a choice of a 45 hp, or a more powerful 65 hp/48 kW motor, which coupled with its lightweight design that makes it the only fully electric car in Europe under one tonne, ensures good performance around town and on the open road. Using its 7kW charger, the compact 26.8 kWh battery can be charged from 20% to 100% on a suitable domestic outlet in less than 11 hours, or in just four hours on a 7kW wall box.

Starting from Expression trim, available with the Electric 45 or 65 powertrain, standard equipment includes a 7-inch digital instrument cluster, height-adjustable 3-spoke steering wheel, Media Control system with USB port, speed limiter, cruise control, steering wheel mounted controls, central locking with remote control, electric front windows, rear parking sensors, 12V socket, manual air conditioning and 15-inch wheels (only on Electric 65).

The Extreme trim, exclusively paired to the Electric 65 powertrain, adds copper interior and exterior finishes, electric mirrors and rear windows, the Media Nav Live multimedia system with 10-inch centre screen, two USB ports and wireless connectivity with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, plus a bi-directional charger allowing you to use the All-New Spring as a power source for external appliances.

The standard specification is further bolstered with the addition of new ADAS which meet the latest European Global Safety Regulation 2 (GSR2) safety standards. These include an advanced emergency braking system (with vehicle, pedestrian, cyclist, and motorcycle detection), traffic sign recognition with speed alert, rear park assist, emergency stop signal, lane change alert, lane keep assist, driver attention warning, and emergency call (eCall). To make life easier for drivers, Dacia has included a clever ‘My Safety’ button for rapid access to their preferred and personalised ADAS settings.

All-New Spring offers the best storage volume in its class and betters the segment standard. In fact, such is its luggage carrying capability – up to 1,004 litres with the rear seats folded down – it offers space on par with many vehicles in the segment above. Nearly 31 litres of storage space throughout the cabin, combined with Dacia’s clever YouClip system that allows various dedicated accessories to be attached practically and robustly, makes the All-New Spring perfect for fun-packed family adventures.

Luke Broad, Dacia Brand Director for the UK, said: “Spring has played a key part in widespread adoption of EVs across Europe and, with a price that is even lower than speculated, we’re confident it will continue the success story in the UK. We have listened to the concerns of UK drivers regarding accessing EVs, ensuring it not only has an unprecedented price but affordability that doesn’t come at the expense of durability, equipment or usability. Quite simply, there’s no other new EV currently on sale that offers so much for so little.”

All-New Spring will arrive in the UK in October. Pre-orders are open now, from 12 March 2024.

Version Benefit In Kind Basic Price VAT (20%) Total Retail Price VED Delivery Charge First Registration Fee Price (OTR)
Expression Electric 45 2% £11,954.17 £2,390.83 £14,345.00 £0 £595 £55 £14,995
Expression Electric 65 2% £12,787.50 £2,557.50 £15,345.00 £0 £595 £55 £15,995
Extreme Electric 65 2% £13,620.83 £2,724.17 £16,345.00 £0 £595 £55 £16,995

All-New Dacia Spring to electrify the UK for the first time

  • Dacia introduces its fully electric All-New Dacia Spring, the most affordable new all-electric car in Europe
  • Available in right-hand-drive for the first time, with brand new exterior and interior design
  • Greater convenience and versatility, with the best loading capacity in its segment and many clever features
  • Customisable digital dashboard featuring a 7-inch instrument display and central 10-inch multimedia display
  • Extremely efficient and lightweight, with a 65 hp electric motor delivering low energy consumption of just 14.6 kWh/62 miles (WLTP)

Dacia’s first all-electric model, Spring is widely credited for making electric mobility accessible to all. First launched in 2021, it was the third most sold electric car to retail customers in 2022 and 2023. In total, more than 140,000 Dacia Spring have been registered worldwide since its launch.

Spring’s energy efficiency and carbon footprint were particularly praised in 2022, when it was awarded the maximum 5-star rating from the independent European organisation Green NCAP.

Dacia Spring is the perfect solution for people looking for simple, affordable and efficient zero-emission mobility. Data collected via the vehicle’s on-board connected systems shows that the average daily trip made by Spring drivers covers just 23 miles, at an average speed of only 23 mph. In 75% of cases, cars are recharged at home.

The Dacia Spring has always found its audience because it has constantly evolved since its launch, with a new brand identity in 2022, then a more powerful 65 hp motor in 2023. Today, the All-New Dacia Spring passes another milestone, taking those qualities that made it a success to the next level.

It is even more attractive than ever, with an entirely renewed and more robust design, and yet still as practical, with exceptional interior storage space for its segment. It is more efficient, thanks to carefully managed weight, while remaining the most affordable full-electric model on the market.

And now these qualities are available to UK buyers, as it launches in right-hand-drive for the first time. Pre-ordering for the All-New Dacia Spring will open on 12 March 2024, with prices announced the same day.

Dacia continues its mission to be the best value for money car brand that constantly redefines the essentials. Applying this to Spring, Dacia wants to encourage drivers to make the shift to all-electric cars in an accessible way. A car’s design – along with efficiency, price and practicality – is one of the essential pieces in the puzzle.

The All-New Spring features the new Dacia design, first seen on the latest generation Duster. It is a robust and assertive style that makes the Spring more attractive than ever. The interior has undergone a spectacular transformation with a complete overhaul of the entire space, just as the only part of the exterior body to remain unchanged is the roof.

David Durand, Dacia Design Director commented: “As Spring embraces the brand’s new design language, it is a resolute sign that it is here to stay as a key member of the Dacia family. We gave it a serious and confident design. Building on the success of the previous generation, the All-New Spring confidently asserts its own identity.”

The highly structured, highly constructed volumes of Dacia’s new design style give renewed strength to Spring. A powerful look that comes from a clean, simple, pared-back silhouette, such as that seen on the highly sculpted bonnet.

The new Dacia identity is evident in the two black bands, one at the front, the other at the rear, which meet in a glossy finish, with specific matte stripes at the rear. The two strips are framed by the brand’s iconic Y-shaped light signature, which is particularly striking with the full-LED daytime running lights at the front and the parking lights at the rear.

The modern design on the All-New Spring is underpinned by decals featuring a contemporary style that adorn the front and rear bumpers on the Extreme trim. The 15-inch wheels, fitted with highly crafted wheel covers, add to the robust feel.

True to the Dacia philosophy, the All-New Spring cultivates a clever and durable design. This is evidenced, for example, by the lower-door side protections which are light, affordable, easy to install, and easy to replace. As with all new Dacia models, decorative chrome parts have been removed, mitigating further impact on the environment. The same for the roof bars, as they are generally redundant on a small car used mainly for short trips; removing them helps lower the car’s weight, make it more aerodynamic, and therefore improve its range.

The All-New Spring is available in a range of six shades, including newly introduced Brick Red and Beige Safari colours.

The dashboard has been totally reinvented, both to incorporate elements from Dacia’s new interior design language, with its emblematic horizontal architecture, and to also integrate a new range of digital screens. Spring now features a customisable digital dashboard with a 7-inch display on all versions as well as a 10-inch multimedia central display in higher trim level models. The colour palette and materials used for the interior have been reworked to offer superior quality, while reducing the diversity of options to better manage costs – key to the Dacia philosophy.

The All-New Spring also features full-body white elements that help create a fresh, modular atmosphere. They are located around the instrument cluster, gear stick, and door bins. The iconic Dacia “Y”, located at the heart of the central air vents, is in white (or copper on the Extreme trim). The central decorative accent on the instrument panel varies by trim: Alto Gray on Essential, Brick Red on Expression, Dusty Khaki on Extreme.

The All-New Spring is designed to be practical. The large multimedia touch screen has been positioned as high as possible for optimal ergonomics. The graphic design on the customisable digital dashboard with 7-inch display has been designed to be simple and intuitive, giving the driver ready access to essential information. What’s more, the All-New Spring features innovative YouClip accessory mounts, revealed recently on the All-New Duster. Finally, the Extreme trim comes with sturdy, rubber floor mats and door sills with unique ‘topographic lines’ design.

The All-New Spring remains true to its original concept: a widely affordable, fully electric car adapted to the real needs of drivers. Just as it has always been since its launch in 2021, the All-New Spring remains the most affordable full-electric car on the market. As such, Dacia aims to encourage UK motorists to transition to electric driving in a very concrete and effective way.

Above all else, an electric car is a car, which is why Dacia never loses sight of its most essential feature: its usefulness. The All-New Spring offers the best storage volume in its class. With 308 litres (+6% compared to the previous model) – 1,004 litres with the rear seats folded down – its boot can fit much more than similarly sized rival vehicles and is on par with B-segment models. In addition, Spring offers additional storage throughout the cabin, with an overall volume of nearly 33 litres. This space is also better than segment standards.

Smart yet practical accessories further optimise storage capacity in the All-New Spring. Consumers can opt for additional space housed under the front bonnet, providing an extra 35 litres of storage space. The centre console can fit an exclusive cup holder, made using cutting-edge, flexible, and resource-efficient 3D-printing technology.

The All-New Spring also works with Dacia’s innovative YouClip system. The simple and clever system invented by Dacia engineers can be used to attach various dedicated accessories, practically and robustly, to key places inside the car. The All-New Spring, as standard, comes equipped with three YouClip anchor points (one on the dashboard, two on the centre console). They can be used to mount a storage pouch, smartphone holder (with or without an induction charger), or a nifty 3-in-1 attachment that combines a cup holder, bag hook, and portable light. All these accessories will be available through the Dacia retail network.

For an easier driving experience, every All-New Spring features a customisable digital dashboard with a 7-inch display. Located behind the new height-adjustable steering wheel, the colour display shows essential information in a simple and efficient manner. It can be customised to show additional information such as remaining range, energy consumption, or driving assistance systems (ADAS). When the All-New Spring is charging, the digital dashboard displays the battery level and remaining time until full charge.

Media Control, a standard feature on Essential and Expression trims, is a steering wheel-controlled multimedia system with media information and phone calls displayed on the digital instrument panel. It also incorporates two speakers, a Bluetooth connection, and a USB port. When connected to the free Dacia Media Control app, drivers can use radio/media functions and access other features (e.g., navigation) via their smartphone, with ergonomics designed to be used when driving.

The Media Nav Live system – standard on the Extreme trim – boasts a large 10-inch central touch screen that incorporates smart navigation, with real-time traffic conditions and up-to-date European maps for up to 8 years. Moreover, it enables wireless use of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The Media Nav Live system also includes two USB ports.

New ADAS enhance the range of on-board equipment to meet the latest European Global Safety Regulation 2 (GSR2) safety standards. These include an advanced emergency braking system (with vehicle, pedestrian, cyclist, and motorcycle detection), traffic sign recognition with speed alert, rear park assist, emergency stop signal, lane change alert, lane keep assist, driver attention warning, and emergency call (eCall). To make life easier for drivers, Dacia has included a clever ‘My Safety’ button for rapid access to their preferred and personalised ADAS settings.

The All-New Dacia Spring is equipped to tackle both the urban jungle and country roads. Particularly compact (3.70m long) and with one of the best turning circles in its segment (4.80m wall-to-wall), it is exceptionally agile, making it particularly easy to drive.

Bodywork that stands the test of time thanks to the solid-colour protection strips that wrap around the body, especially the bumpers and wheel arches. The All-New Spring can withstand everyday wear and tear without compromising on appearance. Its high ground clearance is an asset when venturing over rough terrain.

As well as a 45 hp motor, All-New Spring is offered with the more powerful 65 hp/48 kW motor. It boasts spritely acceleration, achieving 0-62 mph in less than 14 seconds.

The All-New Dacia Spring is resource-light and achieves greater efficiency through its light weight. In addition to changes made to all new Dacia models, such as the removal of all accent pieces in chrome and animal leather, or the increased number of full-dyed parts, the All-New Spring is designed according to very strict criteria to accurately meet the specific needs of A-segment customers. That includes a battery calibrated to meet their criteria and which fits a compact platform.

Weighing only 984 kg in the top-level Extreme trim, it is the only full-electric car in Europe to stay under one tonne. Compared to previous generation models with the same trim, the weight has only increased by 6 kg (or +0.6%), despite the numerous new ADAS added to meet regulatory requirements, the upgraded trims and standard equipment.

Having kept a close eye on the scales, combined with the efficiency of the motor, the All-New Spring, boasts excellent energy use, below 14.6kWh/62 miles, thereby keeping running costs in check.

The compact 26.8 kWh battery is precisely calibrated to meet the needs and lifestyles of All-New Spring drivers, without degrading the overall performance by adding excessive weight. Boasting a WLTP range of over 137 miles for all versions (pending certification), its performance is more than sufficient for customers who travel an average of just 23 miles per day (according to data collected by on-board computers).

To further optimise the car’s range, the All-New Dacia Spring is equipped for the first time with a regenerative braking system that is activated by selecting the ‘B-mode’ via the new gearbox controls.

The All-New Dacia Spring is equipped as standard with a 7 kW AC charger that can charge the battery from 20% to 100% on a domestic outlet in less than 11 hours, or in just 4 hours on a 7 kW wall box. A 30 kW DC charger enables fast charging from 20% to 80% in 45 minutes.

More practical than ever before, the New Dacia Spring now features a bi-directional V2L (vehicle-to-load) charger so it can be used as an energy source to power electrical devices. A specific adapter that plugs into the car’s charging connector, located under the grille, acts as a traditional 220V/16A socket.

For the launch of the All-New Spring, Dacia offers an expanded range so customers will find the model that perfectly meets their needs. Consistent with the brand’s other models, a mid-range Expression trim has been added between the Essential and Extreme trims. Full UK specification will be communicated in March.

Main standard equipment:
Spring Essential: 7-inch digital instrument cluster, height-adjustable 3-spoke steering wheel, power steering, Media Control system with USB port, speed limiter, cruise control, steering wheel radio control, central locking with remote control, electric front windows, rear parking sensors, 12V socket.
Spring Expression: Same as Essential + manual air conditioning, 15-inch wheels.
Spring Extreme: Same as Expression + copper interior/exterior finishes, power rear mirrors and windows, Media Nav Live multimedia system with 10-inch centre screen, 2 USB ports and wireless connectivity with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, bi-directional charger.

Green NCAP awarded Dacia Spring its top 5-star rating in August 2022. In its assessment, Green NCAP measured the impacts the vehicle and its use have on air quality, global warming, and energy efficiency. Spring excelled in each category, thanks mainly to its efficient use of energy and low environmental impact.

On February 2, 2023, Green NCAP unveiled their award for Best Car Green NCAP 2022 and Spring – the featherweight of European electric vehicles – overtook the market heavyweights. This 5-star rating is not only symbolic – it rewards Dacia for striving to fulfil its desire to offer vehicles that boast the market’s best price-performance ratio, and which are more environmentally friendly to as many people as possible.

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