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All-New Suzuki Swift Hybrid

  • All-new Fourth Generation Swift Hybrid – on sale in the UK and Republic of Ireland from April 2024 with new, enhanced but familiar exterior and interior designs, an even higher standard equipment specification than before, improved performance, lower CO2 emissions and better fuel economy.
  • New Z12E 1.2-litre Mild Hybrid three-cylinder engine offers up to 8% fuel efficiency improvement versus the previous K12D engine. With CO2 emissions of just 99g/km and combined fuel consumption of 64.2mpg for the Motion model with manual transmission.
  • Swift offers class leading combined fuel consumption versus its competitors.
  • Fitted with Suzuki’s enhanced and lightweight 12V Mild Hybrid system as standard.
  • New Swift retains the same compact dimensions as before emphasising Suzuki’s global reputation as the small car experts.
  • Available in simple two model line-up of Motion and Ultra grades.
  • High specification Motion grade will be the volume selling model for the new Swift range with standard specification including Rear upper spoiler, LED headlights, 16-inch alloy wheels, 9-inch media display including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, Navigation, Adaptive Cruise Control, heated front seats, rear view camera, rear parking sensors, Dual Sensor Brake Support (upgraded), Traffic Sign Recognition and Blind Spot Monitor.
  • CVT Gearbox available as optional equipment on both models, maintaining an excellent combined fuel consumption figure of 60.1mpg.
  • Utilises Suzuki’s renowned ‘HEARTECT’ lightweight platform strategy – kerb weight of just 949kg for Motion grade with manual transmission.
  • Optional ALLGRIP ‘Auto’ 4WD to be introduced on Ultra model with manual transmission later this year.
  • More than nine million Swift sales across 119 countries since introduction in 2004 as a global model.
  • Suzuki GB celebrates 40 years of Swift.
  • Manufactured for UK, Ireland and rest of Europe at the Sagara plant in Japan.
  • Suzuki Connect connected services offered free of charge for three years from vehicle registration date.
  • Service Activated Warranty offered free of charge after manufacturer warranty expires and until the car reaches seven years / 100,000miles.

Suzuki Motor Corporation showcased the all-new Swift Concept at the Japan Mobility show in Tokyo in October 2023 and introduce it in the UK and the Republic of Ireland in April 2024 as its fourth generation global compact supermini. The all-new Swift represents an automotive advancement aimed at uplifting the driver through succession, evolution and innovation.

In addition to its stylish exterior design in a compact size of just 3,860mm long, the Swift  features excellent visibility, a spacious cabin and ample luggage space. The initial development goal was to create an all new hatchback style that is undoubtedly Suzuki and with all the technology you need.

Standard equipment for Motion grade is very comprehensive and includes 16-inch alloy wheels, LED headlamps, navigation, rear view camera, rear parking sensors, Adaptive Cruise Control, wireless smartphone link display audio, keyless entry & start, Driver Monitoring System, Dual Sensor Brake Support (upgraded), Lane Departure Warning and Weaving Alert, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Blind Spot Monitor and enhanced Traffic Sign Recognition.

Ultra grade adds 16-inch polished alloy wheels, automatic air conditioning, rear passenger heater outlet and electric folding door mirrors incorporating side turn indicators.

Swift is available in eight metallic colours with a further four dual tone colours available optionally incorporating either a Black Pearl or Grey metallic roof depending on the chosen body colour.

During development of the colour choices for new Swift, particular attention and effort was given to the formulation of Frontier Blue Pearl Metallic. This new shade has a very vivid depth of colour thanks to a new three layer coating process. Burning Red Pearl Metallic is also formulated in this way.

After electroplating of the body shell from bare metal and then primed, a base colour coat is first applied followed by a clear colour coat and then finished with a further clear coat. The result is a very striking appearance that evokes a new generation of Suzuki quality.

A full equipment and technical specification list is available on the PDF version of the more detailed press pack on the Media website.

The muscular appearance of the new Swift is further established by blacked-out pillars creating the appearance of a floating roof that adds a sense of lightness, while a high-tech look comes in the form of a piano-black front grille and L-shaped signature lamps that conform to the cars flowing body lines. The LED headlamps have been revised to an inner lens + light rod type that give them a wider appearance when illuminated.

At the rear, the car has a new and distinctive sculpted tailgate with a wide rear bumper design and an integrated rear hatch spoiler and boot side spoilers helping to give new Swift a look of balanced stability. The rear combination lamps are also of the same design type as the front and when illuminated, provide a three dimensional appearance.

Inside, a new high quality dual-tone design is featured with centre controls angled towards the driver and a prominent nine-inch infotainment display fitted as standard equipment.

The standard equipment heated front seats are of new design with reshaped cushioning between the shoulder and side bolsters creating a more sculpted look. This design is accentuated by the use of a geometric pattern on the upholstery surface and a dual tone ‘Melange Grey’ and black cloth is used for both Motion and Ultra grades.

Chief Engineer, Masao Kobori comments “The Swift has always been designed to be fun to drive, and the new car is no exception. But in order to respond to peoples diversifying lifestyles, we focused not just on design and driving which have always been Swift strengths – but also on making every aspect of daily life with a Swift more exciting and satisfying. That was the concept that guided our development from the start.“

Key dimensions
Track: front/rear:
1,495mm (2WD)
1,520 (4WD)
1,520mm/1,520mm (2WD),
1,515mm/1,525mm (4WD)

The new Swift rests on the established platform known as “HEARTECT” that delivers enhanced fundamental vehicle performance due to being both light and highly rigid. A comprehensive overhaul of the underbody’s structure and component layout during development resulted in the adoption of a highly rigid frame that enhances collision safety and has a continuous, smooth and curving form to help disperse energy quicker.

Adopting Suzuki’s latest generation platform strategy minimised the size of the engine compartment which has enabled maximising the space available for cabin occupants and luggage.

Reduced NVH
During development, various measures were taken to reduce noise, vibration and harshness to assist with greater ride comfort and also make the cabin environment even quieter than the outgoing model. For the first time on a Suzuki vehicle, sound and vibration adhesive has been applied to the under body to reduce transmission of noise and vibration into the cabin, particularly on bumpy roads.

The new Swift introduces a number of new aerodynamic design aspects including Suzuki’s first use of a torsion beam cover for the rear axle and Swift’s first tailgate side spoiler and roof end spoiler. Under body spoilers and strakes are also included and the whole body exterior is optimised for better aerodynamics. This includes a smooth front bumper assembly which is free of ornamentation and trim elements.

New design 16-inch alloy wheels offer an ideal balance of aerodynamics, weight and strength. This design makes the wheels appear larger than their actual size and the wheel cutouts are smaller with a disc shaped outer rim to assist aerodynamic performance. Additionally, latest technology tyres offer 15 per cent lower rolling resistance than those fitted on the previous model.

Z12E Engine Technology
An all-new and highly efficient three-cylinder petrol engine with multi-point fuel injection has been developed for the new Swift which offers enhanced fuel economy, improved torque and even lower CO2 emissions than before. The maximum power output is 82PS with a slightly higher torque figure of 112Nm at just 4,500rpm, acceleration time to 62mph is improved by 5% to 12.5 seconds for the manual model and 11.9 seconds for the optional CVT.

Compared with the outgoing K12D engine, higher fuel efficiency has been achieved by optimising cylinder turbulence for faster combustion, utilising an intermediate locking mechanism on the Variable Valve Timing (VVT) intake and increasing the flow rate of the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve.

Hybrid Technology – Enhanced Hybrid System
Fuel efficiency is further enhanced when paired with the self-charging hybrid system powered by a lithium-ion battery with capacity of 10Ah to improve energy recovery efficiency.

Fitted as standard equipment for the new Swift, the 12V Mild Hybrid system is a compact and lightweight unit that incorporates an Integrated Starter Generator (known as ISG) which acts as both a generator and starter motor, the ISG is belt driven and assists the engine during vehicle take off and acceleration and also generates electricity through regenerative braking. The ISG unit has a power output of 2.3kW with a torque figure of 60Nm. Suzuki‘s 12V Mild Hybrid is particularly light weight with the components of the system adding less than 7.0kg to the overall weight of the car.

For the Swift Motion with manual transmission the Hybrid system helps reach a CO2 emissions figure of just 99g/km (WLTP regulation) plus achieve a fuel consumption figure of 64.2 mpg (WLTP) on the combined cycle.

Standard Active safety equipment for both Motion and Ultra Swift grades includes an upgraded Dual Sensor Brake Support system using a millimetre-wave radar (previously lidar) combined with a monocular camera. This system has enhanced collision mitigation with improved night time and intersection visibility and with its improved functionality can detect pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and vehicles in front.

The system monitors the road ahead by means of milliwave radar. The radar technology enables it to work even at high speeds, in darkness, and in rain or other bad weather. The system prevents or mitigates a collision by means of three functions which are Warning, Brake Assist and Automatic Braking.

Driver Monitoring System (DMS)
A camera built into the instrument panel monitors the drivers eyes and a near-infrared LED illuminates the drivers face to enable monitoring in low light. If the system detects that the driver is drowsy, falling asleep, or looking away from the road, it sounds a warning alarm and displays an alert message on the information display.

The system detects driver drowsiness by monitoring the degree of eyelid closing and yawn frequencies. If this is detected at speeds of approximately 43mph or more, the monitoring system will advise the driver to take a break by sounding an alarm and displaying an alert message on the information display.

Lane Departure Warning / Lane Departure Prevention Function:
When the vehicle is travelling at vehicle speeds of approximately 37mph or above and is departing the lane without the driver using a turn signal, the system vibrates the steering wheel and lights a warning indicator in the instrument cluster to draw attention to lane departures caused by factors such as inattention to the road. Under these conditions, the driver will also notice an automatic input from the steering wheel to ensure the car remains in its correct direction of travel.

Suzuki Connect
First introduced on the S-Cross Hybrid model in 2022, Suzuki has now introduced Suzuki Connect*1 in the UK and European markets for the new Swift.

Suzuki Connect utilises the vehicle’s data communication module (DCM) to connect users to their vehicles in real time, enabling users to take advantage of convenient functions via the Suzuki Connect smartphone app*2.

By connecting the vehicle via the Suzuki Connect app, available on Android and iOS, users can access a wide range of convenient connected services, including the ability to monitor and receive notifications about the status of their vehicle in real time, remotely lock and unlock the vehicle, and view information such as driving history and the location of their parked car.

Users can also choose to receive maintenance-related information and warning light notifications via the Suzuki Connect app, and if an issue is detected, vital diagnostic information can be seamlessly shared with their registered Suzuki dealer, allowing for faster and more comprehensive after-sales support.

9-inch Display Audio System with Navigation and Smartphone Connectivity
The audio system for both Motion and Ultra grades has a full colour 9-inch High Definition display that includes the audio control, standard equipment navigation system, rear view camera image and connectivity for both Apple CarPlay and Android devices via USB and WI-Fi.

Apple CarPlay is the smarter and safer way to use an iPhone in the Swift. Apart from making calls it also facilitates receiving directions for optimised traffic conditions, listening to music, accessing email, text messages and more. Android Auto device users can also enable Google Assistant voice commands to access a wide variety of supported apps.

Service Activated Warranty – Up to Seven Years Cover.
Low cost of ownership is ensured with the inclusion of Service Activated Warranty to all Suzuki customers. Introduced in April 2023, Service Activated Warranty is offered free of charge once the car reaches the end of its manufacturer warranty period and is then booked in for its next scheduled service within the Suzuki Dealer network. This warranty stays in place until the next qualifying service and is then simply renewed again up to a maximum vehicle age of 7 years / 100,000 miles – whichever comes first.

As an enhancement to Suzuki’s well renowned product reliability record, Service Activated Warranty offers ‘Peace of Mind as Standard’ as well as strong customer retention within its network of new car dealers and authorised repair centres.

Major components are covered, and should a customer decide to sell their car between services and within the seven-year qualifying period, the warranty can simply be transferred to the next owner – again free of charge.

Additionally, Service Activated Warranty can also be applied to a qualifying Suzuki that has been purchased privately or has a gap in its dealer service history providing it goes through a Suzuki Vehicle Health Check in the first instance.

*1 Suzuki Connect requires a separate contract.

*2 The Suzuki Connect app supports the following OS versions of smartphone devices (excluding tablets and smartwatches): iOS: 15.0 or higher, Android: 8.0 or higher.

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