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BYD Premieres New Models at Geneva Motor Show

BYD Premieres New Models and World-leading Hybrid Technology in Europe at Geneva International Motor Show

  • Introducing the Super DM (Dual Mode) Technology: BYD’s first plug-in hybrid vehicle in Europe with Super DM Technology at Geneva International Motor Show
  • The new version of the BYD TANG, an innovative, 7-seater 4WD pure-electric SUV embodying premium features will be on display
  • BYD debuts supreme luxury sub-brand YANGWANG in Europe, premiering the pinnacle of innovation in new energy vehicle technology with a spotlight on the YANGWANG U8
  • After first presenting the DENZA D9 at IAA Mobility 2023, BYD’s premium sub-brand will continue to captivate European audiences with a showcase of the DENZA N7 at the Geneva Motor Show
  • BYD will be in attendance at the Geneva International Motor Show in Hall 4, stand 4221 occupying a dynamic exhibition area spanning almost 1,000 m2. BYD’s Press Conference is scheduled for Monday, February 26 at 11:45 AM

BYD, the world’s leading manufacturer of New Energy Vehicles (NEVs) and power batteries, has chosen the Geneva International Motor Show 2024 for the European premiere of a diverse variety of models, sub-brands and innovative NEV technology. In a European first, BYD unveils the BYD SEAL U DM-i, introducing BYD Super DM (Dual Mode) Technology to Europe, representing a game-changing evolution in intelligent PHEV technology. The new version of the BYD TANG, the imposing 7-seater AWD full electric SUV, will be on display, completely refreshed and restyled. And as a surprise, BYD also brings two innovative sub-brands, YANGWANG and DENZA to Geneva, highlighting its technological prowess and its diverse high-end brand portfolio.

BYD enhances European product range with new models and world-lead technologies
BYD has introduced six full electric models since its launch in Europe: the BYD ATTO 3 (C-segment SUV), the BYD HAN (E-segment sedan), the BYD TANG (E-segment SUV), the BYD DOLPHIN (C-segment hatchback), the BYD SEAL (D-segment sedan) and the BYD SEAL U (D-segment SUV). In Geneva, the BYD SEAL U EV SUV welcomes its plug-in hybrid family member, the BYD SEAL U DM-i utilising cutting-edge Super DM (Dual Mode) Technology. This model is an efficient, practical, and eco-conscious solution for daily mobility needs and long worry-free journeys. The BYD SEAL U DM-i will be launched in European countries where the infrastructure of electric charging is not yet matured, or where customers are in demand of a vehicle that offers all the benefits of electric driving without compromising on range.

The completely renewed 7-seater, AWD, full-electric SUV BYD TANG will also be shown in Geneva. The intelligent family-centric E-SUV offers practicality and comfort for eco-friendly journeys with swift charging, extended range up to 530 kilometres (WLTP combined) and powerful performance. Ahead of its European launch, the new BYD TANG has been awarded with the maximum 5 stars by Euro NCAP Safety Test, underlying BYD’s commitment to safety and sustainability.

BYD inspires innovation as it presents sub-brands: YANGWANG and DENZA
BYD will also be teasing public reaction at the 2024 Geneva Motor Show with the exciting European premiere of YANGWANG technology. YANGWANG is the supreme luxury sub-brand of BYD and represents the pinnacle of innovation in inspirational new energy vehicle technology. BYD provides a glimpse of the exceptional capabilities of YANGWANG technology during a sensational preview at the Geneva Motor Show.

Taking centre-stage will be the YANGWANG U8. The YANGWANG U8 is powered by two ground-breaking technologies: the e⁴ platform and the DiSus-P Intelligent Hydraulic Body Control System. BYD’s e⁴ Platform is the world’s first mass-produced four-motor independent drive technology platform, designed to offer leading-class safety and performance. Compared with conventional fuel vehicles, it precisely controls the dynamics of all four wheels through four-motor independent vector control, providing rapid sensing, precise recognition, and robust control capabilities. The four motors’ independent control of the torque of the four wheels allows the YANGWANG U8 to use differential steering. This gives the ability to have the left and right wheels spinning in opposite directions, thus realizing the function of 0-to-360-degree Tank Turn. The BYD DiSus Intelligent Body Control System is another proprietary breakthrough, enhancing vehicle agility and compatibility in various driving scenarios. It reduces the risk of rollovers, minimizes occupant displacement during high-speed cornering, acceleration, or braking, and protects the vehicle from damage under challenging road conditions.

Founded in 2010, DENZA, the joint venture between BYD and Mercedes-Benz, has emerged as a premium brand dedicated to delivering top-tier automobile products and exceptional services. After debuting DENZA with the 7-seat MPV (2+2+3 space) D9 at IAA Mobility 2023, now in Geneva, BYD introduces the DENZA D9 as a newcomer to the European market in the coming year. With a multitude of comfort, safety and performance innovations, the DENZA D9 is meticulously crafted to offer discerning consumers a luxurious, intelligent, and personalized driving experience. Within just six months of its launch in the Chinese market, the DENZA D9 secured its position as the best-selling MPV. DENZA is poised to impress Geneva with the N7, a premium sleek and sporty full electric mid-size crossover SUV.

BYD is in attendance at the Geneva International Motor Show in Hall 4, stand 4221 with a booth of almost 1,000 m2.  BYD’s Press Conference is scheduled for Monday, February 26 at 11:45AM.


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