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2025 CUPRA Born VZ

  • CUPRA Born receives a £2,350 pricing reduction across the range to make EV accessibility even greater for UK drivers
  • Pricing for CUPRA Born will now start at £34,125 (for V1 58kWh 204PS)
  • CUPRA Born trim and battery line-up also becomes simpler
  • Brand also offers range of purchasing incentives for quarter one: including free Ohme home charger, a pre-paid MasterCard, and either 0% APR for 36 months or £4,000 DC on 3.9% APR for 48 months

Milton Keynes, 27/02/24 – CUPRA has increased the accessibility of its first fully electric model, CUPRA Born, by reducing prices by £2,350 across the range coupled with a suite of electric vehicle (EV) purchasing incentives.

As well as this, CUPRA will be simplifying the CUPRA Born by closing for new factory order the 58kWh 204PS across all trims, the 77kWh 230PS on the V2 trim, and both the V2 Edition and V3 Edition trims. This means that the CUPRA Born line-up will reduce for new factory order to V1 58kWh 230PS, V2 58kWh 230PS, V3 58kWh 230PS, and V3 77kWh 230PS, with the recently announced CUPRA Born VZ also opening for order soon.

And, due to the price reduction, the entry price for a factory order CUPRA Born will reduce to £35,085 for a V1 58kWh 230PS – which is less than the previous price for a V1 58kWh 204PS – and the entry price for the larger battery will reduce to £41,385 for a V3 77kWh 230PS – which is less than the previous entry price for a V2 77kWh 230PS.

The £2,350 price reduction will be available for both new factory orders and orders from stock, including the trims and batteries that are now closed for new factory orders. Pricing for CUPRA Born VZ to be announced shortly.

To make EVs even more accessible, the brand is also currently offering a suite of incentives including 0% APR for 36 months­­­ or £4,000 deposit contribution on 3.9% APR for 48 months (for orders placed before 2 April 2024) 1, plus a complimentary Ohme home charger and a £750 pre-paid Mastercard for every Retail purchase (for orders placed and handed over by 31 March 2024) 2.

Finally, those that place an order before 2 April 2024 will receive a complimentary CUPRA eCare plan which covers the first two years of servicing at an authorised CUPRA Retailer.

Updates to CUPRA Born pricing:

Trim level Model WLTP CO2 (g/km) BiK 2023/24* MDP (Manufacturer’s Direct Price) (inc. VAT) Available for Order
V1 58kWh 204PS 0 2% £34,125 Orders from stock only
58kWh 230PS e-Boost 0 2% £35,085 New factory orders and orders from stock
V2 58kWh 204PS 0 2% £36,045 Orders from stock only
58kWh 230PS e-Boost 0 2% £36,855 New factory orders and orders from stock
V2 Edition 58kWh 230PS e-Boost 0 2% £37,765 Orders from stock only
77kWh 230PS e-Boost 0 2% £39,625 Orders from stock only
V3 58kWh 204PS 0 2% £37,800 Orders from stock only
58kWh 230PS e-Boost 0 2% £38,605 New factory orders and orders from stock
V3 Edition 58kWh 230PS e-Boost 0 2% £39,500 Orders from stock only
77kWh 230PS e-Boost 0 2% £41,385 New factory orders and orders from stock

*BiK value is based on WLTP CO2 and applicable from 1 December 2023
1 – 0% APR for 36 months or £4,000 deposit contribution on 3.9% APR for 48 months available on Retail if ordered before 2nd April 2024
2 – UK retail customers, 18+ who order a new CUPRA Born between 01/02 – 31/03 & take delivery by 31/03/24. Can claim Ohme Home Charger and £750 prepaid card at point of order.</style=”font-size”>

CUPRA Born’s lively performance and versatile city driving capabilities were recently recognised at the WhatCar? Car of the Year Awards 2024, where it topped the Best Small Electric Car to Drive category for the second year running.

CUPRA takes its impulse further with the new CUPRA Born VZ

  • CUPRA Born VZ boosts performance, delivering 240kW/545Nm, reaching 100km/h (62mph) in just 5.7 seconds and increasing Vmax to 200km/h (124mph)
  • Sportier interior with new CUP Bucket seats as standard, as well as regenerative paddle shifts on the steering wheel
  • Dynamic behaviour of the car is enhanced thanks to improved braking feel, more robust suspension, and more responsive steering and pedal behaviour
  • The exterior design is enriched with two new 20-inch alloy wheels, including one forged with performance tyres, the standout VZ logo on the rear as well as new colours

Martorell, 20/02/24 – The CUPRA Born is the first all-electric model from the brand and the perfect match between electrification and performance.

CUPRA takes this impulse further with the CUPRA Born VZ – the latest addition to the vehicle line-up from CUPRA – a new and more powerful version to inspire the world from Barcelona.

An acronym for the Spanish word ‘veloz’,- which translated into English means ‘fast’ – the VZ name is a seamless way to describe the brand’s latest vehicle. The CUPRA Born VZ delivers 240kW of power and 545Nm of torque, applied to the road through its improved suspension setting geometry, sports-tuned steering, and improved braking feel. These aspects combine to give it the ultimate performance in the CUPRA Born line-up and making it one of the most dynamic cars in its segment.

Wayne Griffiths, CEO of CUPRA UK, said: “The CUPRA Born was a milestone for the brand when we launched the model in 2021 as our first 100% electric vehicle. And it’s delivered exceptionally, with 45,300 units sold last year, an increase of 44.4% compared to the year before. With the CUPRA Born VZ, we will bring even more performance to this model, proving once again that electrification and performance are a perfect match.”

The CUPRA Born VZ takes the advanced powertrain technology of the CUPRA Born and turns the dial up: the all-electric system now delivers 240kW of power – a 40% increase over the e-Boost version. Torque is also upped to a staggering 545Nm – 75% more than any other Born version. It means the CUPRA Born VZ can reach 100km/h (62mph) from a standing start in just 5.7 seconds – one second faster than the e-Boost version. Top speed is also increased and now limited to 200km/h (124mph) – 40km/h (25mph) more than the e-Boost version.

The CUPRA Born VZ also brings improvements to the chassis to make sure its dynamics match these impressive statistics.

New DCC Sport suspension, responsive steering behaviour, and improved brake pedal feeling, as well as a robust rear brake, come together to create a superior dynamic performance.

At the rear of the CUPRA Born VZ, new dampers and springs combine with the front’s updated damper valve settings and spring design, as well as updated anti-roll bars, to create the DCC Sport suspension that delivers better vehicle body control.

The CUPRA Born VZ’s steering package is upgraded with new hardware and software to make it sportier.

Dynamic improvements to the vehicle’s braking technology gives the VZ a stiffer, more robust brake feel, increasing its directness and reducing softness compared to standard variants of the CUPRA Born.

However, performance isn’t achieved by sacrificing efficiency, and the CUPRA Born VZ is able to travel up to 570km* (335 miles). The battery pack has been improved and now offers 79kWh of net capacity (+2kWh). And the technology remains practical; it can be recharged at home using an 11kW AC system or at a DC 170kW fast-charging point, meaning a fast charge from 10 to 80% would take within 30 minutes*.

The CUPRA Born VZ’s exterior design is enhanced with two new colour choices. Exclusively for the CUPRA Born VZ is special Dark Forest, which is also joined by a Midnight Black option.

Aesthetics meets performance with the introduction of two new 20-inch alloy wheels, with different technologies like 3D copper inserts or forged technology, to emphasise its sporty spirit. Wider, high-performance tyres help deliver the CUPRA Born VZ’s power and torque to the road through its rear wheels. The car also comes with wider wheels (8J20’’) instead of the current CUPRA Born version (7.5J19’’ and 7.5J20’’).

The finishing measure for the latest iteration of the brand’s 100% electric vehicle is the VZ logo in dark chrome housed on the vehicle’s boot, as well as the CUPRA lettering in dark chrome colour.

Inside, the CUPRA Born VZ continues its emotional design. Standard cup bucket seats are an exclusive choice only found in this version of the CUPRA Born, but shared with the CUPRA Formentor VZ5 and CUPRA Leon VZ Cup, with a lower seating feeling to deliver a more ergonomic, sporty driving position. In the case of the CUPRA Born VZ, the cup bucket seats are made from upcycled SEAQUAL® yarn textile, as well as DINAMICA with 73% recycled polyester.

In the rear of the vehicle, thanks to improvements to the chassis setup, the CUPRA Born VZ can offer both five seat comfort and the vivacity of a sunroof in the same package.

The CUPRA Born VZ also incorporates regenerative paddle shifts on the steering wheel, allowing to choose between three different levels of energy recuperation. When the accelerator is released the motor acts as a generator to feed energy back into the battery pushing energy back into the powertrain and reducing wear and tear on the brakes.

For greater control of the regenerative characteristics, drivers can use the paddle shifters to cycle through the three different levels while in ‘D’ mode, helping to match their driving style. Simply use the paddles to select how much deceleration you need.

The CUPRA Born VZ moves digitalisation forward. It benefits from a new and larger floating 12.9-inch infotainment system (+0.9-inch vs the current CUPRA Born), mixing the benefits of touchscreen inputs with a new retro illuminated touch bar to adjust interior climate and volume.

The CUPRA Born VZ integrates a new optional high-fidelity 10-speaker audio sound system developed in collaboration with premium audio firm Sennheiser. The high-powered 425-watt system immerses the driver and the passengers in a unique sound experience, while also adding to the interior with its metallic grille finish. It’s an audio technology that incorporates Sennheiser’s AMBEO Concerto software, able to distil fundamental components of music, including different instruments and room information, redistributing them throughout the car.

The interior is illuminated with Smart Light technology as standard. Don’t be confused, this isn’t ambient lighting, but a new dimension in human/machine communication.

Horizontal full-LEDs wrap around the width of the dashboard to enhance specific features, giving warnings and indications to the driver and other occupants. Information including state of charge, onboard driver assistant systems (Front Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and C2X danger warning); infotainment functions (voice control, phone call, navigation system), intelligent park assist, as well as locking and unlocking, and entry and exit. These visual cues add another level of awareness, making the CUPRA Born VZ safer and smarter.

The brand’s dedication to safety and convenience is instantly recognisable from the large range of upgraded and new advanced driver assistance systems available, integrated to aid and support the driver no matter the situation.

Travel Assist 2.6 combines the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Lane Assist (guides you to the centre of the lane) to improve the driving experience of the CUPRA Born VZ. This new version also now includes improvements when driving on poorly marked roads, thanks to the information received from the cloud.

Parking is now incredibly easy; the new Remote Park Assist allows the driver to finish parking manoeuvres with their smartphone, while Trained Parking Assist allows the vehicle to learn how to park in regular spots by storing the characteristics and trajectory in a map. And for everyday parking no matter the location, Top View Camera gives drivers a 360º view of the vehicle and its environment.

The safety and convenience technology suite also includes Side Assist to protect from vehicles in blind spots or that are fast approaching; Front Light Assist automatically controls headlight functionality; Dynamic Road Sign Display interprets traffic signs; and Exit Warning will alert to obstacles while exiting when parked.

The CUPRA Born VZ will be launched in the third quarter of 2024. Pricing and UK specification will be confirmed in the summer.


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