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Mobility Festival in Munich Inspires and Fascinates Over Half a Million People


A rush of visitors to IAA MOBILITY 2023: Enthusiasm and fascination for the future of mobility – Industry showcases a performance of innovations with over 300 world premieres and novelties – Record numbers in the internationality of exhibitors, speakers, guests, and journalists – Over 3,700 accredited journalists from 82 countries – International coverage increases by over 70% compared to 2021 – Visitor survey: 92% rate IAA MOBILITY as excellent to good, two-thirds of visitors under 40 years of age

The mobility festival, IAA MOBILITY 2023, was a resounding success. From September 5 to 10, Munich became the epicenter of future mobility, attracting fascinated visitors from around the world to the performance of the innovations at the exhibition grounds and the outdoor mobility show in the city center. Over 500,000 people attended the IAA MOBILITY 2023, with over 100,000 visiting the Open Space on Saturday alone.

“This year’s IAA MOBILITY 2023 was a significant success and a benchmark for the future of mobility. The German automotive industry is confident and determined – we are ready for future challenges. We are optimistic that our innovations will set global standards. IAA MOBILITY is a signal for change, showing the automotive industry’s strong will and capability to be innovative needed to turn this transformation into a shared success story. This is the spirit emanating from Munich to the world.

The enthusiastic visitors highlight the immense interest people have in the future of mobility – and reflect the belief that sustainable and digital cars play a pivotal role. The intense dialogue and constructive debates with stakeholders from politics, society, and business in the Open Space and at IAA Summit are crucial in achieving climate-neutral mobility. The images broadcast from Munich in recent days show our optimistic outlook for the future and the German automotive industry’s mission – to passionately excite people about their concepts and solutions. These also signify our determination to ensure Germany remains a car country, in terms of climate, people, and prosperity,” says VDA President Hildegard Müller.

CEOs of Messe München GmbH, Stefan Rummel and Reinhard Pfeiffer also expressed their excitement: “A week of IAA MOBILITY was a week where Munich was bustling both at the exhibition grounds and downtown. We are pleased that the second IAA MOBILITY 2023 in Munich went smoothly and the revised concept has further established itself in Munich. Both the IAA Summit for professionals and the Open Space downtown received much acclaim and enthusiasm. It was a magnificent team effort! The Messe München, the Bavarian capital, and Bavaria as hosts once again demonstrated how international mega-events can be successfully implemented, creating unique experiences.”

750 exhibitors, over 300 world premieres, and over 3,700 accredited journalists – Chancellor Olaf Scholz and international superstars visited Munich

In total, nearly 750 exhibitors from 38 countries presented over 300 world premieres and novelties at IAA MOBILITY 2023. Every second exhibitor came from abroad. The high level of internationality was also evident among the visitors: almost 30% were from abroad, from 109 countries. More than 3,700 journalists from 82 countries were accredited for IAA MOBILITY. International coverage increased by 70% compared to IAA MOBILITY 2021.

“IAA MOBILITY brought the biggest companies from the mobility and technology sectors worldwide and many startups to Munich. The past few days, the numbers, and personal conversations prove: IAA MOBILITY is the cross-industry international platform for the future of mobility. What’s happening in Munich is being received worldwide with great interest and enthusiasm. This proves: Our concept of the IAA Summit and in the Open Space is a perfect fit for Munich. My thanks also go to the police, fire brigade, and rescue teams that ensured a safe IAA MOBILITY 2023 in Munich. We are in productive discussions with the Messe München GmbH for IAA MOBILITY 2025,” says Hildegard Müller.

Over 500 international top speakers at the IAA Conference provided exclusive insights into the future of mobility. These included leading CEOs from the mobility and tech sectors, and international personalities like Oscar-winner Natalie Portman, Mars mission candidate Alyssa Carson, and Sophia Kianni, founder of a climate protection initiative. Chancellor Olaf Scholz inaugurated the IAA MOBILITY last Tuesday. Among the IAA MOBILITY guests were numerous international politicians, ambassadors, and ministers from federal and state governments.

92% rate the IAA MOBILITY as excellent to good – Dialogue and interactivity at the forefront of IAA MOBILITY 2023

IAA MOBILITY has been very well received by the visitors, according to a survey by Gelszus Messe-Marktforschung GmbH. 92% rated IAA MOBILITY from excellent to good. 94% of respondents would recommend the IAA MOBILITY. For the majority, cars were the main interest; over a quarter came for the displayed bicycles and micro-mobility. IAA MOBILITY particularly appeals to a younger audience – 64% of visitors were under 40 years of age. Also, around 89% of the professional visitors rated the experience and atmosphere of IAA MOBILITY as excellent to good. Nearly 92% of exhibitors, journalists, and visitors rated the internationality of IAA MOBILITY from excellent to good.

One focus of IAA MOBILITY is to have open dialogue and constructive exchange with the public. The Citizens Lab at the Marienplatz in Munich hosted 65 panels and workshops on the future of mobility and urban development. Offers for families and cultural events, like the free OpenAir concerts, also met with extraordinarily high interest.

A particular highlight was the numerous test drives conducted. Over 8,500 car test drives allowed enthusiasts to experience the latest mobility innovations firsthand. This is 1,000 drives more than IAA MOBILITY 2021. About 4,000 rides with bicycles and e-bikes show that the bike test tracks in the English Garden were also a huge success.

“People want to see and experience mobility innovations. We are determined to excite society with our solutions and motivate them to contribute to achieving climate-neutral mobility. Our guiding principle is to shape individual mobility in a sustainable and digital manner. Mobility means participation and is thus a central pillar of our lives. Now, it’s about realizing the potential of connected traffic. Solutions and concepts were presented at the IAA MOBILITY,” says Müller.


Next Show is planned for Dates: September 17–22, 2024

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