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MINI Cooper SE All-Electric

The new MINI Cooper E in Classic Trim: Electrical, efficient, emotional

Even the all-electric entry-level MINI model impresses with its efficient electric drive and brand-typical driving dynamics. Comfortable space in the interior and a small turning circle make the new MINI Cooper E the perfect companion in everyday life.

Munich. The fully electric MINI Cooper combines a modern, ecological drive with brand-typical driving pleasure. Like the entire new MINI model family, the MINI Cooper E is also available in four redesigned vehicle trims. The Classic Trim offers expressive body colors and contrasting roof finishes. The puristic design of the iconic MINI three-door model is particularly expressive in Sunny Side Yellow, with a contrasting roof and mirror caps in white.

In this trim level, the surfaces of the cockpit are covered with two-tone black and blue knit material. This creates a stylish contrast to the high-quality synthetic leather seats made of Vescin. They are available in gray or black with a perforated houndstooth pattern.

“With the new all-electric MINI Cooper E, we are offering a great entry-level option into the new MINI family. Its 184 hp guarantees exciting agility and exciting acceleration without any sacrifices.” says Stefanie Wurst, head of MINI.

Emotional driving pleasure and fast charging.
The direct handling of the sporty steering wheel brings maximum emotions to the cockpit. An increased track width and a longer wheelbase optimize dynamics in demanding driving situations. The brand-typical go-kart feeling is maximized by the direct power delivery of the electric motor.

With an energy content of 40.7 kWh, the MINI Cooper E battery (combined power consumption: 14.3-13.8 kWh/100 km in accordance with WLTP; combined CO2 emissions: 0 g/km) achieves a range of 305 kilometers in the WLTP test cycle.

On the road, 28 minutes of charging with a DC output of up to 75 kW is enough to charge the MINI Cooper E battery from 10 to 80 percent.

The 135 kW/184 hp electric drive can access the maximum torque of 290 Nm at any time. As a result, the vehicle accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.3 seconds.

Distinctive exterior with an urban orientation.
Typical MINI proportions shape the vehicle’s silhouette. The compact dimensions make handling easier as well as the search for a parking space.

At the front, the MINI round headlights and the octagonal front grille form the characteristic MINI face. With unique light signatures, the LED headlights accentuate the distinctive appearance of the MINI Cooper E. Various, aerodynamically optimized designs are available for rim sizes ranging from 16 to 18 inches.

More comfort and safety in city traffic.
Active Cruise Control automatically controls the distance to the vehicle in front and continuously monitors the road. In this way, potentially dangerous situations in heavy traffic can be identified at an early stage. The Parking Assistant automatically recognizes parking spaces and takes over the automatic parking process at the push of a button.

The new MINI Cooper SE: All-Season Driving Fun

The MINI Cooper is the epitome of efficiency and driving pleasure. The fully-electric fifth generation MINI Cooper SE offers classic go-kart feeling in any weather condition.

Munich. With a slightly larger track width and longer wheelbase, the new MINI Cooper SE impresses with noticeable dynamism in every season – driving fun that is guaranteed on snow and ice. The spontaneous power development of the 160 kW/218 hp electric motor is transferred directly and precisely to the high-quality chassis technology. The usual direct steering behavior ensures agility, and the integrated braking system ensures maximum safety even on wet and slippery roads.

“The MINI Cooper SE electrifies the go-kart feeling typical of the brand and underlines MINI’s exceptional position in the competitive environment. “Thanks to the fully electric drive concept, the new MINI combines maximum emotion and a minimal footprint and presents itself as a strong symbol for the future of the brand,” says Stefanie Wurst, Head of MINI.

On frozen climbs or downhill sections, Active Slip Regulation optimizes traction and brings up to 330 Nm of maximum torque to the road in a controlled manner. The high-voltage battery with 54.2 kWh capacity and a range of up to 402 kilometers in the WLTP test cycle is installed in the vehicle floor and contributes to a balanced weight distribution. This means that the MINI Cooper SE has a low center of gravity and, in combination with its suspension and damping properties, maneuvers particularly smoothly on the road.

Reduced exterior with a confident expression.
MINI has been continually reinventing and developing the successful concept of the iconic 3-door car for more than 60 years. The classic Mini -thanks to its extremely short body overhangs – impressed with its maneuverable compactness. The classic Mini became a legend in the 1960s when it achieved overall victory three times in the Monte Carlo Rally against significantly more powerful competitors. And just as the classic Mini models moved safely and quickly on snow-covered roads 60 years ago, the current MINI Cooper SE drives safe on snow and ice today.

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